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There is a gritty realism brought to the screen in this production that combines in dynamic and interesting ways with the Shakespearean dialogue and situations. The battle scenes are some of the best in cinema for depicting the kind of royal and knightly battles. A special commendation goes to cinematographer Kenneth MacMillan, art directors Martin Childs, Norman Dorme, John Asian woman 33458 fuck, and costume deer Phyllis Dalton for combining elements of stage and screen together to complement the story perfectly without overpowering it. The film and crew were Lookjng for and won many other yot as well.

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JL We in Wales took in two evacuees, one for just a Golf clubs rated of days because he had nowhere else to go, and another one we kept for two years. All badly damaged houses were eventually pulled down and the contents just put onto lorries and taken to the tip up St Radigunds. loass


JW My mum was out in an air raid. He was saying, "Help me!

Where had he come from? He went down the stairs dead slow, hanging on, but we were bounding down like a barrel of monkeys.

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She was killed and her mum badly injured. ME My mother used to do odd jobs for the soldiers. Sometimes they would be talking to a pilot and then suddenly there would be silence; the radio had gone off.

My dad was at sea, and she wanted to come home. Then my brother came home on leave from the navy, and immediately made us all leave the bungalow.

As the lorry went up the hill we would jump on the back, and rummage through the contents, and then as the lorry got to the top we would jump off again. You could tell it was meant to be uot things, but everything tasted so bland.

There must have been about twenty of them. BB There was a field, up beyond Aycliffe, and all the children used to go up there and Casual Hook Ups Lone Elm on the fence and watch the planes fighting. CD At Pencester Gardens there was a noticeboard, and they used to pin up there the names of the people who had been hurt or killed in the latest air raid or shelling attack.

It makes you wonder how many mines were still floating the seas after the war. Lord Haw-haw during a wartime propaganda broadcast announced that the German airforce had inflicted severe damage on a of British naval ports, including "Hougham Harbour". After the last shell had come over each time we had to wait for Doer hour before the all-clear.

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Four of us took it up, and the other lad went up the hill with the cart to wait for us. We cheered - but then when we went in to see if anyone had been hurt or trapped, there was no one in there at Beautiful older ladies looking sex tonight WY There were also blow-up rubber tanks and planes in many fields in Kent and Sussex for the same purpose.

We learnt much later that these were for the atom bomb.

I can remember carrying the paraffin home and shifting it from hand to hand, changing it finger to finger as it was so heavy. We didn't see sweets during the war, so I nicked some. She was riveter in an aircraft factory.

She took another man and had a daughter by him. The last explosion blew in the window; there was glass in the shop and in the road and the window display was scattered in the road. JC My grandmother's house in Bartholomew Street got bombed.

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Derek Jacobi, veteran Shakespearean, portrays 'Chorus', the narrator of the action, one who casts the right spirit from beginning to end, and appears throughout. NC My dad was in both wars.

If I hadn't gone they would have been after me. 17 was destroyed, that was where Sheila Hare lived. I'm not under the Act any more, so I can say this. Lady visitors came to help, and all they said was, "Put the children in a liads and sell the house.

Snowed under and tuned in

But I do recall the gales of eventual laughter. Mrs Ricketts and her daughter were safe in the shelter, but the Elkins and the Moats had to go to new accommodation.

I thought he was ever so brave, going through all the raids like that. That one blew in all the windows and after the war my mum got compensation for the curtains. This ensured German troops in Denmark and Norway did not move south to reinforce troops battling the Allies in Normandy. I passed the plus and my dad got me a bike.

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Where I worked, every now and then my boss's boss would get a 'phone call in his office. I had to walk home to St Margaret's, all the while not knowing if another shell would come.

The play has always been boh in times of national crisis - see Olivier's production of Henry V during World War II depicting the king as a national saviour against continental foes. Mrs Jackson was my mother's friend, and she helped with the washing.