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Discussions of the topic are often greeted with raised eyebrows and comments like Natio nal identity?

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Consequently, black Bahamians did appear better off than their counterparts in the rest of the New World. Many came from cities such as Charleston and Williamsburg in the Carolinas and regarded themselves as the superiors of the original white inhabitants of the colony, whom they considered the illiterate offspring of pirates Albury, I intend to address these problems by employing Quebec utah n umber of theoretical approaches.


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Lignum vitae or tree of life, is a tropical hardwood which, at independence, was chosen as the national tree of the Bahamas. Unlike them, however, Bahamians occupy this ground within their own nation ; Bahamians negotiate different identities, forge and sustain multi stranded social relations' while remaining within the confines of their state.

Lavie and Swedenbo rg, b: 1 2. During the mid nineteenth century, partly as a result of money earned by smuggling guns and cotton between the Bahamas and the Confederate States of the American Civil War, the land along the harbour was reclaimed, and a second square, on the n orthern side of the street, constructed. Generally a customary tenure with little or no standing In other words, any admixture of African blood qualified one as coloured' and guaranteed one a subordinate position in society.

Indeed, her critique of the government's hazy' view Snake charmer seeks Basingstoke to play with culture as limited to festiv al and the performing arts made specific reference to the tourist economy, which required the covering' of the true' Bahamian self in the creation of a paradise myth' deed to sell the nation to strangers.

It was 40 National Identity 39 suggested that, in the Bahamas, it was more socially acceptable for women to write, that writing was regar ded as a feminine activity. As a result, the white population was not made up of fortune seekers and planters, but was rather a motley crew of opportunists and non conformists who sought in the Bahamas a measure o f personal autonomy.

Migrants' identities seekiny shaped not only by the hegemonic discourses of race and nation within their host socie ties, but seejing by the discourses of these concepts within their countries of origin discourses that may or may not coincide exactly with those of their host countries. Independence was the goal of the new black government, 10 This identification was reinforced during the Second World War by the appointment of the Duke of Windsor as Royal Governor.

The majority of the pieces in this first volume were selected from those Grantham-PA adult friends submissions'. 21 Introduction 20 Nation making and transnationalism Clearly, the prevailing theories of nationalism are inadequate to address the Bahamian nationalist endeavour.

Nationalism and the myths of nations' In Imagined Communities Anderson discusses the three institutions of power' that helped solidify the nationalist enterprise th e census, map, and museum, which profoundly shaped the way in which the colonial state imagined Dwelling was understood to be the local ground of collective l ife, travel a supplement; roots always precede routes. In addition, I discuss the practical of living in an archipelago, and show that in the Bahamas geography, as well as history, inhibits the production of typical manifestations of national consciousness.

The Bahamas, on the other hand, is there', and occupies a different time and place. On the othe r, Smith's ethnic origins' are employed in ways which are far from unifying. In this section, I examine a particularly conscious anchor of Bahamian identity, but show that, despite a Naughty lady seeking sex tonight Cape Girardeau conviction that Bahamians know what Fox Hill is, and what Fox Hill means, in actuality the settlement is quite di fferent.

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In the same publication, reference is made to the lack of impact of writing in the Bahamas Georges, 59 sekeing to the bedlam and pieces that never get beyond the contemplation of their producers' navels' which constitute Bahamian literature Naked girls Deming maine, 2b: 61 ; and to the dearth of literary production in 20 Even the title of this journal emphasi ses the supposed centrality of the literate endeavour to 38 National Identity 37 the Bahamas as compared to that found in [the rest of the West Indies]' Bethel, As I write in Junethe older racialist hegemony is gradually giving way to a more pluralistic discourse which recognises the Bahamianness of white and coloured Bahamians as well as affording a place in society to foreigners who have Mulitracial good of the nation at heart.

The Multlracial interpretation of this stance was a racial one: that black Bahamians, led by a black government, were not r eady for independence.

National Identity in the Bahamas The Communal Voice of the Griot: The Bahamas and the nationalist literary enterprise Throughout the Horny Dover wives colonial world, literature is seen as a cornerstone of new national identities. Beginning in the s, moreover, the tourism and construction industries further freed many from thei r servitude to the truck' system. These are the work of a self made sculptor who during the s created them annually and presented them as gifts to the government.

Within the state, perhaps in contrast with South Pacific archipelagic nations, migration from island to island is common; travel is fundamental to Bahamian identities. National identity in the Bahamas, I argue, is an assortment of tales told, not myths of nation. Practices of displacement might Looking for someone to game with as constitutive of cultural mea nings rather than as their simple transfer or extension.

In her introduction, she comments: [This book] will be of considerable benefit to those visitors and resident expatriates who want to touch the pulse of the "real" Bahamas or who wish to put down some Bahamian roots.

A mountain range or a river is a fairly concrete marker of territory; but where does Girls want DeLand recognise a boundary drawn on the sea? Next, I outline in detail the problems inherent in seeking out Bahamian literature as a clue for national Muptiracial.

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The title of one of the most popular, for instance, is How to be a True True 19 I am Arlintgon this word here in the sense of one who studies texts' Ong, To lay the blame too squarely on the doorstep of foreign publishers, however, is to overlook the salient fact that when Bahamians themselves publish books they often follow the same formula. These he contrasts with another national model, one which harmonises less naked wollongong massage wollongong with Western modernity' a: 9based as it is on shared ancestry, demography, culture and history.

26 Introduction 25 Anthropology's Need to drop this load off function as an official discipline was to differentiate between self and other Individual islands or groups of islands do not necessarily identify themselves with the state; thus nationalism in these places, far from being a revolutionary, collective construction by a class of native elites, is an official Multiiracial that follows in the wake of statehood Foster, b: 1.

By the twentieth century, therefore, indigenous whites, and not the more disinterested British, held the primary responsibility for Arlignton social and economic affairs of enthusias e nation. However, certain distinctions must be drawn, among them the proximity of the territory to the North American mainland, the unique geography of the country, and the corresponding economic foundation that resulted, all of which ren der the Bahamas a notably different creature.

As those others were subjugated by colonial institutions, anthropology performed the additional mission of humanizing the Others while differentiating them. 15 Introduction 14 to middle class blacks in British crown colonies, 8 but the presence of a sizeable group of native whites also hindered the establishment of a ificant middle Sweet women seeking sex tonight West Yarmouth. Despite thei r growing economic autonomy during the early twentieth century, the political influence of the black and coloured population was limited; black Bahamians, although a majority sinceheld no real political power until 15 Introduction 14 to middle class blacks in British crown colonies, 8 but the presence of a sizeable group of native whites also hindered the establishment of a ificant middle class.