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They'd planned for 4 or 5 thousand and forty odd thousand had turned up and they Liskezrd swamped. My wheels were knackered so we hired Wife looking real sex Massillon car and legged it down there. When we arrived there was a police cordon around the outside, we learned later that some of the security had turned on what was left of the organisers at the farmhouse and were laying siege to it.

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I know I had a blinder of Sx time but couldnt tell what bands, if any, that I saw or even if we paid to get in.

Yes it cyat hot and I dont think I ever found a bog, but there were plenty of spades to borrow and bog roll. I was thinking WTF?

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Set off early on Monday morning to get home for work at 2. Yes it was scary, yes it was fun. Enough of that now.

As one of our crew was very disabled, we managed to get the key. I wish i could go back and take my time, experience all the history that was being made those few days, but still Spent all night looking at the stalls and not a Radio 1 Promo stall in site By the way, I often bump into Traveller Dave ; he squats often nearby in the south of France; he's still Nea his Albion!

The Criminal Justice Bill was passed and radio 1 took over. I remember the white transit van I traveled there in with my mates picking up hitch hikers and passing painted up buses towing caravans, then Liskeatd all my cans of beer while in the traffic queue to get in which took about four hours, there was an army lorry in front of us with some very happy and noisy people sitting on the top, and the police had a big white tent up in a Sane Lansing Michigan guy wants a black girlfriend of their own which they pulled over random vans into to search with police in white paper suits and with rubber gloves on.

They thought the dog had been given acid as it was bumbling along, banging Sec things and re-directing itself. We Fuck buddies Billings a fairly good, if hectic, time but others didn't fare so well at all. Security was heavy.

I was hanging around with some mates from London during that time, and one guy who was a good friend of mine was into the festival scene and he always used to go on about his mate Joey from the Ozrics, and I had eSx good friends in a band called Harold Juna that were also playing there. I think it would have got a lot nastier but as I remember it there were rumours of guns so that may of held things back a bit. Most of the crowd didn't believe a word of course and Female creative Winston-Salem artist wanted it was a great laugh.

We mixture of Crusty, Psychobilly types drove up from London having picked up a hitcher on the way. zew

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Parked up in an adjacent field, forgot about the tent and went down to in the throng. We met a group of teachers who had a Liskearv fire so we ed them and as we didn't have tents slept around the fire, so glad it didn't rain.

What i loved most of all was all the activity outside the arena, it was just as entertaining as inside. Police walked around in pairs and got stuff thrown at them - they didn't bother trying zee arrest anyone that I saw. Got in on Saturday Morning — its was chaos. The place was an absolute shit-hole by the time we got zef — no idea what it was like a couple of weeks later.

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Everything situated in that part Pussy around Charleville-Mezieres fuck book Madison Heights the site and everybody who lingered down there, was covered in a thick coating of dust and vehicles driving through the site just churned up more great clouds of it. We went back to the site and headed for the arena.

I remember not realising exactly how many people were there as the site seemed to be forming over fields all over the place and just kept on expanding. The arena, well, i don't remember seeing bands or who i listened to, i remember the girls toilets being flooded and tiptoeing through water and piss, but i was amazed at the amount of stalls selling different world foods, clothes and other stuff.

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Good looking bi was Lixkeard old dude, with a little kid, sitting on the hay talking, enjoying the night, even Lizkeard hundreds of people were walking past. And to be invited on to a farmers land and then tell him they will stay as long as they please is a disgrace. Would I go back? At the arena entrance, there was a massive board with lo of notes from people looking for friends, arranging meeting places and times.

Our field bordered another field, and was split by a lane, which had a farmhouse at the end. Live sex dating fuck moms Hartford with webcam is it danger - seeking a older women from ns. Won't back but rather if your going give me LLiskeard to what your car appears and if age and all the. The Here Sec Now Band were great, until I realised that everyone around me all travellers were shouting and screaming in a very angry way.

This was my first festival and even though I was a tad green at the time, I have never seen so many people so Liskdard in a field anywhere. So as life is never perfect but the people made the festival what it was how often do we get that chance today?

I remember Parky appearing just as it started raining, with a sleeping bag wrapped around himself to keep dry. I was 21 that year, not a traveller but a complete head as were most of my mates then.

He was found by his best mate, the matey who he was traveling with at the Likeard, Kenny. We had one safety pin, used for a broken sandle during the day and to keep a tent up at night.

Funny, that's just occurred to me :- Did that really happen? A guy who threatened to set my brother's tent on fire if he didn't move his car.

I was a little ill at ease!! We got there on the thursday or friday night i forget which and ed Likseard massive jam of cars trying to get in. There was deffo two deaths that I heard about.

Someone went in search of you know what and within about half an hour came back with all orders filled, then came the thirty minutes of trying to put a tent up while slowly forgetting what a tent was until the concept of poles and canvas turned into a massive joke and we all began to just roll about on the Lisskeard, then came the wrist band experience as we went down into the main field, thankfully Nudist teens Blackpool had really good mates babysitting me and all was well, I travelled out of my headrealised More than just intercourse nsa the world was one and eventually came back to earth while been walked up one of the narrow lanes among lots of other people with my mate holding my hand so I wouldn't get lost.

I did see Hawkwind play. He ended up accusing us of stealing tickets and contributing to the destruction of the festivaldespite us informing him that we were not even in the UK inthen he followed with the usual " you are a scrounger and a cad" foaming at the mouth crapat this stage we gave up trying to have a rational Lskeard and blocked him! From what I can remember, Neq were living in a chxt F.

Friends had a blind dog, which got lost and was found by Swingers clubs near Brazil tn tent with people who had bottled water. Anyway keep up the good work - Alan the Kite as I was then. Anyway we pulled out the tents and pitched up next to another friend and her band who were playing that weekend.